Louis Vuitton x Klaos x PFW17

Alaric J. Klaos was personally invited by Louis Vuitton to Paris Fashion Week 2017. Klaos stated, "What a blessing to be invited all the way to Paris by one of the most influential brands of all time." Not only did the Vuitton family accommodate Alaric with a stay at The Luxurious Hotel Plaza Athéné for a week, they also had the American designer over for an elaborate dinner at the Louis Vuitton Estate after attending the fashion show, located at the Louvre Art Museum. "Lanessa Elrod (President of USA branch), and Benoit Vuitton (The great-great-great-grandson of the company founder, and the manager of Louis Vuitton’s special-order watch division) really surprised me with their humbleness and hospitality. This is definitely a great beginning to life long friendship".